★★★★★ “stole my heart and soul…couldn’t stop reading” -Booksprout Reviewer

★★★★★ “…not only fast moving and action packed but had a good storyline from the start” -Bookbub Reviewer

★★★★★ “…great story line and well thought out characters.” -Goodreads Reviewer

,,My one-night stand just took my car. I guess I’ll take her freedom in return…

When I meet Nikki DeLuca in a half-lit bar, I have no idea who she is.  

She’s hot, she’s willing, and we both want exactly the same thing: quick, no-strings-attached sex in one of the back booths.

Except the vixen stole my car keys before leaving, and now there are all kinds of strings…

I am not “Daniel,” and she is not just a random girl back in town after her college graduation.

My name is Dante, and she is the daughter of Gino DeLuca. 

The biggest crime boss on the west coast. My sworn enemy. A monster of a father.

But I can’t really complain.

Because when the old man puts his own daughter up for auction, I am first in line to buy her hand in marriage. 

I outbid everyone, I make a deal with the devil, and I take her home.

To be honest, I only mean to teach her a lesson. 

But that’s before I find out that she’s pregnant with my baby.

Now, I wouldn’t give up her freedom if she begged. And she’s not the begging type…

Secret Vow is the first book in the Mafia Marriages Series but can be read as a standalone novel. This mafia age-gap romance ends with a happily ever after and features cameo appearances from the Eagle Tactical Series.

The Series

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