Coming in 2023! 

When you hire a bodyguard to protect your daughter but…

The agency sends you an adorable 5 foot 2 blonde that barely looks capable of protecting herself let alone anyone else.

Turns out she’s former FBI and drop-kicks your butt to the ground to prove her point.

She’s more than capable of protecting your little girl…

But you shouldn’t be turned on by her fierceness. 

Everyone thinks she’s your daughter’s nanny. She looks the part and goes along with it at your insistence. Not that she’s thrilled to play babysitter under the watchful eye of your friends and colleagues.

And the more time you spend with her, the more you realize she’s perfect.

Not just for your daughter but for you.

The only problem, she’s off-limits.

This steamy standalone romcom features a grumpy single dad, a sizzling slow burn, with plenty of drama. No cheating. No other women drama. HEA.



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