★★★★★ “There was never a dull moment, so much interesting things going on. Their chemistry? HOT. They both knew they were playing with fire…and both wanted to get burned.” -Booksprout Review

★★★★★ “…amazing and entertaining story to read.” -Bookbub Review

★★★★★ “Another spicy five star read from Willow Fox. Dark, sexy, smart and something a little different from Willow’s typical dark writings.” – Bookbub Review

We’re known for our savagery.

We run New York City. We control every inch of it and anyone that gets in our way is executed.

I protect the people from con artists and thugs like the cartel. But I’m not a good guy. I loathe thinking of myself as a vigilante. And did I mention that my little sister tried to put me behind bars?

When a young woman’s car breaks down in the rain, I’m feeling overly generous.

I recognize her, she’s a nurse from Steele Concierge Medical, at least that’s what she wants me to believe…

I bring her into my compound to protect her during the storm.

But she betrays me.

Turns out that she’s FBI, working undercover, and intends on destroying the Bratva from the inside.

Now that I know the truth, who will protect her from me?

BRUTAL BOSS is a steamy enemies to lovers Russian Mafia romance. It can be read as a standalone novel. The Bratva Brothers were previously introduced in Ruthless Vow (Mafia Marriages Book Five). It is not required that you have read Ruthless Vow before reading any of the Bratva Brothers series books.

No cheating. No cliffhanger. Happily Ever After ending.

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