Bachelor Grump 

We’ve all had that nightmare date, the one that makes you want to throw yourself off the platform in front of an oncoming train.

Mine is my hot next-door neighbor who just moved into the building.

He’s a bachelor. And while he’s gorgeous and easy on the eyes, his mouth needs to be zipped shut.

It’s my fault. He asked me out, and I said yes, not knowing that he was an arrogant jerk.

I’d love to say that I’d never see him again, it gets worse…

He’s also my new boss, and I’m his assistant. He overhears me mocking his ‘junk’ to my colleague, and I swear I didn’t intend to show my face at the office ever again.

Because Mr. Grump is the ultimate bosshole.




I swear he planned it, showing up at the bar, knocking me off my game. And then the bet…there’s no going back.

Imagine my surprise when I find out he has a son.

Mr. Grump is a single father. Boy, do I feel bad for the kid.

This steamy romantic comedy is an enemies to lovers romance. It is a standalone, with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily ever after ending.

Dangerous Boss

Every villain has his weakness. She is mine.

It takes a lot more than getting shot in the head to kill a guy like me, but the bastards got me good.

I’ll give it to them.

They got me so good that when I finally wake up, I realize I’ve been in a coma for weeks.

Not days. Weeks.

And the weird thing is, I can’t remember a single thing about that day. Not who saved me, not hearing the EMTs arrive. Nothing.

But I do remember who I am. I just pretend not to.

Trust me, it’s safer that way.

Safer for me, for the people involved in this, and the strange woman sitting next to my bed when I wake up.

Sadie is the one who found me in the forest. She’s the one who called 911. And as I soon find out, she’s the only person who has been visiting me for weeks.

I might not like owing people favors, but even I have to admit that I owe her my life.

If all she needs in return is a fake boyfriend, then that’s exactly what I’ll be.

I just have to keep reminding myself that this is an act. For both our sakes…




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He’s Bratva and she’s with the FBI, intent on destroying him.

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Willow has loved writing since she was in high school (many ages ago). Her small town romances are reflective of living in a small town in rural America.

Whether she’s writing romance or sitting outside by the bonfire reading a good book, Willow loves the magic of the written word.

She dreams of being swept off her feet and hopes to do that to her readers!

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